Most auto body repairs need to be done by professionals. However, it is probably wasteful to take small paint chips that are hardly noticeable into an auto body shop. You can probably fix these yourself, even if you don't have any experience. Most people tend to ignore such small paint chips, but this is not a good idea. Over time, the chip can grow as moisture creates rust on the car surface. This is a particular concern if you live in a moist or rainy environment.

This article explains how to fix small paint chips before they become so serious problem that you can't fix them yourself.

Use the Right Supplies

The key to this job is identifying and fixing the paint chips before rust starts to form. However, if there is already rust, it is not too late, You will just need to do a little extra work. If your car surface does have rust, you will need to get rid of it by sanding it off with auto body sandpaper. Make sure you pick up the sandpaper when you go to buy your touch up paint. It is usually best to buy your paint directly from the car dealership. This way you know there won't be any issues finding the right paint for your make and model of car.

Auto sandpaper is easy to work with, just like normal sandpaper. The only difference is that it has a sponge backing and needs to be wet during the sanding. When you are working on small paint chips, you will really only be using a small corner of the paper. The ultimate goal is to sand away the rust, without removing too much paint.

Paint the Spot

After you're done sanding, wipe down the surface with a wet rag to absorb any dust build up. Now, you can get out the touch up paint. Applying the touch up paint is very simple because the cans should come with a brush. When you apply the paint, use a dabbing technique, instead of actually brushing it on. You don't need to apply too much paint, but you will need to apply at least two or three coats to get complete coverage.

As you can see, this work is not very complicated and you don't need any special tools or experience. Once you learn how to properly touch up paint chips, you can readily fix them as soon as they pop up. This is a great way to save money and avoid unsightly decay on your car surface.

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