Running an automotive body shop requires a lot of specialized equipment, and while some of it is pretty standard, when it comes to a spray booth to paint cars in, there are a lot of different kinds available to choose from. The manufacturers of ready-made spray booths have made the choices harder because the booths offered have so many different features. If you are not sure what you need in your shop, take some time to look at the options available before you purchase one.

Basic Paint Booths

If you are on a budget, manufacturers are still building booths that are designed to allow you to paint a car and let it cure in the booth. They have been around for years and will more than likely continue to be made for the entry-level user. These booths have air filtration in them and are often smaller in size, but as long as there is room to get the car in and work around it, they can meet your needs. The price is lower on these, and if you're just starting out, they can be a great way to get started.

Down Draft Paint Booths

On the other end of the range from basic open booths, is the pressurized downdraft spray booth. These spray booths move air in the top and out through the bottom of the booth. The air coming in is filtered, and the temperature is controlled to offer the most stable painting environment in the industry. Manufacturers of these booths are constantly looking for a way to improve them, but currently, they are the most expensive and best working booths made. They are also the most expensive way to go, but a knowledgeable painter can produce near factory-like finishes on a vehicle in a pressurized down draft paint booth. 

Custom Paint Booths For Your Shop

In some very large auto body shops, a custom made paint booth might be used to produce high-end paint jobs on custom cars, trucks, or even motorcycles. These are booths that the shop has had custom made for them and the manufacturer has worked with them to design. While it may seem like a lot of trouble to go to, in shops where the paint job or finish on the vehicle is in the thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, it has to be flawless.

A custom booth allows the paint to do what he does best and not worry about the booth air flow, temperature or other issues. No matter what the size of your operation, working with a paint booth manufacturer to get the right booth for your shop is a great way to invest in something that can allow you to produce the highest quality finishes for your customer's vehicles. And that will keep them coming back.

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