Vehicle wrapping is a process by which every outside panel of the car — wherever paint would be — is covered in vinyl. It's just an additional layer added to your vehicle. Vinyl will protect your paint job, and therefore your vehicle, from the standard wear and tear you get from simply driving around. If you're not happy with your vehicle's color, this may be a really great way to change it.

In comparing the two, the costs are pretty similar. This is according to who have run separate pieces on the prices of both having your car painted and having your car wrapped. In general, a good showroom quality paint job can run between $2500 and $5000. For wrapping, it depends on the size of the vehicle in question. If you're having a very small 2-door car wrapped, you may be looking at around $2000 and as the size and complexity of your vehicle increases, you can get up to $6000, maybe a little more. Both of these prices reflect a very standard kind of appearance, no fancy textures and with one color, because once you get into further customization the price tends to go up from there.

Now, the more complex and larger your vehicle is, the more expensive the process is likely to be. This is also true for both painting and wrapping. There are several advantages to wrapping your vehicle. It can be uninstalled quickly, restoring your car to its original color. As already mentioned, it protects your paint from chipping and scratching and other wear and tear. It can be installed fairly quickly as well. The color availability of vinyl is very broad. Additionally, the vinyl can be printed with graphics, meaning you can add extra layers of visual interest to your vehicle. (Though, again, this will be reflected in the price — larger and more complex graphics requiring multiple layers of vinyl are apt to be more expensive.)

Additionally, if you have a taste that may run to the funky or wild but you know you're going to want to resell your vehicle, wrapping may be a really good option for you. Many places will tell you that vehicles of unusual color don't sell very quickly, and you won't get as good a price if you repaint it.

But, you can get your vehicle to look the way you want it to look, and then, when it's time to sell it, you can have the wrap removed and sell your much more normally colored vehicle. Your paint will still look really good, which can only help the resell price.

Talk to a vehicle wrap service for more information.