A fleet of company cars and work vehicles is necessary for many businesses. Wraps for these vehicles provide a quick and cost-effective solution for branding the fleet for your company. Wraps are just as long lasting as paint, and typically they are much easier to customize and update when needed.

1. Protect Your Investment

Unlike paint, which can fade, get scratched, or suffer door dents, a wrap is much more resistant to damage. The wrap itself protects the paint of the car against scratching and minor dings. This is good news if you are leasing the vehicles, since you can return them in like-new body condition once the wrap is removed. You will also spend less time touching up paint and performing scratch repairs if you opt for a wrap.

2. Implement Consistent Branding

Using fleet wraps of the same or comparable designs will help enforce brand recognition in your possible customer base. If you always use the same colors, font, logos, and main verbiage on the wraps, people will recognize your company's name when they need a similar service. This can help convert new customers, simply by using the power of familiarity thanks to a highly recognizable fleet. 

3. Low-Cost Advertising

You have around-the-clock advertising for only the cost of the initial fleet wrap. Wherever your vehicles drive or are parked, they are advertising your business. This can be a powerful tool for reaching new customers as well as reminding existing customers of your business. This can spur new sales with very little draw from your advertising budget.

4. Easier Body Maintenance

Maintaining the body of your fleet is much easier with a wrap. Small acts of vandalism, such as purposeful car keying or spray paint, won't damage the vehicle itself. You can simply have the wrap replaced if it has suffered bad damage. The body of the car itself will be unharmed, and thus your investment is well protected. The wrap also protects the car body from rust, road pollutants, and sun fading.

5. Simple Customization

Wraps can be printed with any design you need, so you aren't limited by the talent of the person painting logos on your car. Further, you can customize and update wraps if your business information or logos change. These updates are much quicker and less expensive compared to repainting a fleet.

Contact a fleet wrap service if you are ready to realize the benefits of updating your company's fleet image.